Minutes 2023

Meeting Type Date/Time Minutes
Parish Council Mon 18th Dec @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-December-2023.pdf
Parish Council Mon 30th Oct @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-October-2023.pdf

Parish Council Mon 11th Sep @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-September-2023.pdf
Parish Council Mon 31st Jul @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-July-2023.pdf

Parish Council Mon 19th Jun @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-June-2023.pdf

Annual Parish Meeting Mon 15 May @ 7.00pm MPC-Minutes-APM-May-2023.pdf
Annual General Meeting Mon 15 May @ 7.00pm MPC-Minutes-AGM-May-2023.pdf
Parish Council Mon 20th Mar @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-March-23.pdf
Parish Council Mon 6th Feb @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-February-23.pdf

Minutes 2022

Meeting Type Date/Time Minutes
Parish Council Mon 19th Dec @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-December-22.pdf
Parish Council Mon 7th Nov @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-November-22.pdf
Parish Council Mon 26th Sep @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-September-22.pdf
Parish Council Mon 1st Aug @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-August-22.pdf
Parish Council Mon 13th Jun @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Jun-22.pdf
Annual Parish Meeting Mon 25th Apr @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-APM-April-2022.pdf

Appendix to section 8 of the above:

Annual General Meeting Mon 25th Apr @ 7.00pm MPC-Minutes-AGM-April-2022.pdf
Parish Council Mon 7th Mar @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Mar-22.pdf

Appendix to section 9.1 of the above:

Parish Council Mon 24th Jan @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Jan-22.pdf

Minutes 2021

Meeting Type Date/Time Minutes
Parish Council Mon 6th Dec @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Dec-21.pdf
Parish Council Mon 18 Oct @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Oct-21.pdf
Parish Council Mon 6 Sep @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Sept-21.pdf
Parish Council Mon 12 Jul @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-July-21.pdf

Appendix to section 9 of the above:

Annual Parish Meeting Mon 24 May @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-APM-May-2021.pdf

Appendix to section 8 of the above:

Annual General Meeting Mon 24 May @ 7.00pm MPC-MinutesAGM21.pdf
Parish Council Tue 4 May @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-May-21.pdf
Parish Council Mon 22 Mar @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Mar-21.pdf

Appendix to section 10.2 of the above:

Parish Council Mon 1 Feb @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Feb-21.pdf

Appendix to section 10.2 of the above: