The land used for Musbury Allotments and the Community Playing Field is officially registered with the Land Registry under the proprietorship of Musbury Parish Council. The land – “three acres and thirty eight perches (more or less)” – was sold to the Council back in September 1919 by Colonel Alexander Vaughan Payne of Kitts Hayes, Colaton Raleigh at a cost of £170. The land is bounded by hedges and there is a water supply, shelter and seating on site.

Musbury AllotmentsMusbury Allotments

Where are the allotments?
The allotment gardens are situated just off the A358 in Musbury. They are bounded by Doatshayne Close to the south and the playing field to the east – see the map.

How many allotments are there?
There are 37 individual plots. The majority are full size but there is a limited number of half-sized plots suitable for beginners. The plots all vary slightly in size.

How much do they cost?
Tenants pay an initial deposit for each plot. This is refundable when they give up the plot, providing it is left in good condition. There is an annual rental fee which relates to the size of the plot. Rates for 2018/19 range from £7.71 for the half plots to £15.40 for the largest plots. The rental year runs 12 months from Michaelmas Day, 29 September.

Who can rent an allotment?
Preference is given to Musbury residents but people living outside the village are welcome to apply. All tenants sign an agreement which binds them to meet standard terms and conditions. Click here to download this Tenancy Agreement. Tenants are allowed to erect a shed on their plot with prior notice from the Parish Council – click here to download the Policy/Notice of Intent form.

Tenants on the larger plots may also erect a polytunnel. Click here for terms and conditions.

How are the allotments administered?
The Allotments are the responsibility of Musbury Parish Council with one councillor, Paul Smith, assigned special responsibility for this facility.

To go on the waiting list please contact the Musbury Parish Council clerk.

Click here to read Rob Johnson’s allotment holder’s story.

Musbury AllotmentsMusbury Allotments