Minutes 2020

Meeting Type Date/Time Minutes
Parish Council Mon 14 Dec @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Dec-20.pdf

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Parish Council Mon 19 Oct @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Oct-20.pdf

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Parish Council Mon 7 Sept @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Sept-20.pdf

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Parish Council Mon 13 Jul @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Jul-20.pdf
Parish Council Mon 8 Jun @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Jun-20.doc
Parish Council Mon 2 Mar @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Mar-20.doc
Parish Council Mon 13 Jan @ 7.30pm MPC-Minutes-Jan-20.doc

Agendas 2020

Meeting Type Date/Time Agenda
Parish Council Mon 14 Dec @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Dec-20.pdf
Parish Council Mon 19 Oct @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Oct-20.pdf
Parish Council Mon 7 Sep @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Sept-20.pdf
Parish Council Mon 13 Jul @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Jul-20.docx
Parish Council Mon 8 Jun @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Jun-20.docx
Parish Council Mon 2 Mar @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Mar-20-1.docx
Parish Council Mon 13 Jan @ 7.30pm MPC-Agenda-Jan-20.docx

Engaging rural micro businesses..

Are you a rural micro business or sole trader? Are you interested in shaping the future of business support? Then the Engaging Rural Micros project wants to work with you!

 Engaging Rural Micros is a research trial to learn how to stimulate positive mindsets towards improving business efficiency.

Micro businesses, freelancers and sole traders (less than 10 employees) make up 90.1% of Devon’s rural economy*. Research suggests that there is a need for these rural micros to overcome their tendencies towards overworking, and increase time working on the business rather than in the business.

Are you a business owner who can relate to this? Is your dream to increase efficiency within your business, free up time, and reach that elusive ‘work-life balance’? Then get involved in this new research trial!

The trial will look at different ways of providing support to these businesses. All participating businesses will receive:

  • business monitoring for up to 12 months, completing three business analysis surveys over the course of the trial
  • a business insight report at the end of the project
  • information on the trial outcomes and future support
  • an invitation to an event at the end of the project, which will be a great networking opportunity for local businesses.

The trial will be based in rural areas of Devon (outside of settlements with a population over 10,000).

If you are a micro business owner, freelancer or sole trader, sign up online at www.engagingruralmicros.com or contact engagingruralmicros@devon.gov.uk before the end of December 2019.


Seaton Area Health Matters -“Have your say” Survey

“Seaton Area Health Matters – “Have your say” survey

Today we are launching a survey to invite all residents in Seaton and the surrounding areas to complete a questionnaire on the future of Seaton Hospital and local health services. The questionnaire will be available to complete online via www.seatonhealthmatters.co.uk/survey as well as by paper.

If you need to complete the paper questionnaire instead of online the questionnaire will be available from Musbury stores / garage from this Saturday, and can be returned there.

If you care about the future of Seaton Hospital and local  health services please take about 10 mins to complete the survey online or on paper as the higher the response rate the more accurate the picture will be of the local views. 

We are hoping for a high response rate as the data gathered will be invaluable in adding value to what we are trying to achieve by identifying any service gaps that could be potentially filled by a service operating from Seaton Hospital. We have prepared a business plan to make the current site a Health & Wellbeing Hub that retains the existing services that operate from the site, but potentially adds other services to utilise the empty space.

Your opinion and views will be invaluable and we want and need all members of the communities covered by this survey to participate.  

Jack Rowland, Chair – Seaton Area Health Matters 

Any questions regarding this press release should be directed to Jack Rowland on 07831 314149 or by email to cllr.jack.rowland@btinternet.com

Laura O’Rourke, Health and Local Food for Families (HALFF) 01297 631782   www.halff.org.uk




Around 30% of people in East Devon are aged 65 or over. Men typically find it more difficult to build social connections than women, and, unlike women of a similar age, fewer older men have networks of friends and rarely share their concerns about their health and personal worries. For some men, when retirement comes it can feel like their personal identity and sense of purpose is lost. There may be nowhere to use the skills that they’ve learnt at work or at school or over a lifetime, and few places to meet people and make new contacts and potential friends. Some men live alone because their partner has died: others find themselves being the full-time carer for their partners who may themselves need medical, physical and emotional support. The resulting loneliness and isolation can create a dangerous downward spiral.

A positive and proactive response to these problems is the “Men’s Shed” movement, where people have got together to create a place where local men can go to make things, repair things, meet with other men and socialise – even if it’s just to have a cup of tea and a chat. There are now over 400 Men’s Sheds in the UK (see www. menssheds.org.uk) , including in Exmouth, Ottery and Honiton, with more starting up all the time. Activities in Men’s Sheds vary, but you can usually find woodworking, metalworking, repairing and restoring, electronics or model-building. Many Men’s Sheds get involved in community projects. Sheds typically attract older men, but many have younger members and women too. A Men’s Shed is not about the building that it’s in, but the connections and relationships between its members.

Beer Men’s Shed has now started up in Beer. We’re already making items, taking on commissions from local people and organisations, and attracting men to join in not only from Beer but from Seaton, Axminster and surrounding villages as well. We’ve been offered a site for our first workshop next to Mariners’ Hall in the centre of Beer village. And we’re raising money to build our workshop and buy lots of useful equipment for it. So far we’ve received donations and pledges for over £4,500. To donate, please go to www.crowdfunder.co.uk/beermensshed .

Our aim is to do something to help make our community stronger and to help men in our area to have healthier and happier lives. If you want to get involved in any way, please email Chris Pickles at chris@picklesnet.com