Musbury Christmas Trail – Locations

The locations for each of the houses on the Musbury Christmas Trail have been finalised. Each house will have a window lit up every day in December:

  • 8, Marlborough Close
  • Malvern Cottage, The Street
  • The Post House, Combpyne Road
  • Crossways Annexe, Combpyne Road
  • Yew Tree Cottage, Combpyne Road
  • Yew Tree House, Combpyne Road
  • Rosemount, Combpyne Road
  • Missals, Church Hill
  • Cherry Tree House, Church Hill
  • Musbury Primary School, Church Hill
  • Garden House, Doatshayne Close
  • Mount Pleasant Farm, Mounthill
  • 7, Higher Doatshayne Lane
  • 30, Northfield
  • 15, Northfield
  • Valley View, Axminster Road
  • Lion Cottage, Axminster Road
  • Alamo, Axminster Road
  • Mountfield Lodge, Axminster Road

Note that it’s not a ‘daily advent calendar’ as in past years – everyone will light up at the start of December.

Save Seaton Hospital

See leaflet below.

The church will be ringing bells “in mourning” at 9.30-10.30am on Saturday 18th Nov. Hopefully we have leafletted every household in Musbury and there are petitions to sign at the Spar, Church and The Hind Pub, or online (links below). Jenny (Hardiman) and Cherry Sargent will be outside opposite the Pub on Saturday 18th Nov in the morning at various times tomorrow campaigning.

Links from leaflet: