New Green Waste Service (updated)

Spring launch for East Devon’s new green waste fortnightly collection service

East Devon is springing forward with its plans to introduce a district-wide chargeable green waste collection service this year.

The council is working with partners SUEZ UK to provide a fortnightly chargeable green waste collection service for its residents who have been asking for a reliable district-wide service of this kind for some time.

The first collections under the new service are planned to start on 14 May 2018.

All of East Devon’s 69,000 properties will receive a bin hanger with their refuse collections over the next few weeks giving them more details of the new green waste service.

All of the green waste collected will be composted in East Devon and used by local farms.

The new service will cost £48 a year, with an introductory offer of a free 240ltr green bin. For £2 per collection green waste will be collected from the kerbside of residents’ homes – easy, reliable, recycled. The service is not being subsidised by the council tax payer.

The service will be provided for eleven months of the year with a four week break at Christmas each year. The Christmas break period will be notified to residents with our usual Christmas/New Year collection calendar.

The full terms and conditions for the service are available.

Almost 2000 East Devon residents have already registered an early interest in the service. Residents can register interest here or by calling the customer service team on 01395 571515. Almost all of East Devon’s residents will be able to sign up for the service – only those properties that we are unable to access with our full-sized vehicles will not be able to subscribe.

Further info on the East Devon Disctrict Council website.