£2 Single Bus Fare Cap

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Update The fare cap has now been extended until the end of October 2023.

In conjunction with the Department For Transport, AVMT Buses Ltd are to become a partner to the £2 SINGLE BUS FARE CAP scheme. From 1st January 2023 to 31st March 2023 adult and child single bus tickets will be capped to a maximum of £2.00 per journey however short or long your single journey is.

Our current single fares that are below £2.00 will remain, for example, if a single ticket journey is £1.70 it will remain at £1.70 but all current single fares that are above £2.00 will only be charged at £2.00!

Our day return, 12 journey ticket and rover ticket prices will, however, remain the same price. In most cases buying a £2.00 single ticket will be the better option in this 3 month period compared to a multi journey ticket, so please either ask the driver or work out for yourself the most economical solution to your journeys.

This is great news for those paying passengers in the current cost of living crisis we are all facing. It has also been designed with the hope of increasing the customer base on bus services post Covid. With the cost of fuel and how much it costs to run your car, there is an opportunity for commuters to jump on the bus for the first time and save on your increasing costs.

Please note that the £2 SINGLE BUS FARE CAP is only applicable to bus services open to the public so will only apply to our 52, 378, 885, 897 and 899 bus services. All dedicated school bus services will not come under the parameters of this scheme.

£2 Single Bus Fare Cap